„Unity” is a non-profit public benefit organization, which works in various fields and efforts to promote and protect human rights and rule of law.

1. Improving democratic culture and civic awareness.
2. Support for human rights.
3. Empowering vulnerable groups.
4. Increasing the contribution of civic organizations to gender equality
and preventing gender-based violence.
5. Increasing citizens’ commitment to environmental protection and
climate change.
6. Improving the capacity and sustainability of the civilian sector, including civil society organizations.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The team is highly qualified lawyers, economists, sociologists and engineers actively involved in the work of the Association. We work on issues affecting people, their problems and rights. We participate in the development of local, regional and national strategies in all spheres of public life. We offer training to enable leaders, staff development, teaching and corporate training. We organize seminars and trainings for groups of people with common interests and goals.

Expertise sought

We value good partnership relations and accept any expert assistance, which is useful for future joint ventures.