The mission of our organization is to provide psychological and social support to disadvantaged people.

Our main area of ​​work is psychological and social support for parents of disabled children. The aim of our future project is to raise public awareness of the earliest autistic manifestations in the development of baby and toddler (0-3) and to help parents of these children in their care.
The target group of our project will cover pregnant women, mothers of many children, mothers of premature babies and parents of children with disabilities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our experience is in the field of psychological and social support of parents of children with disabilities, psychoanalytic work with babies and young children (0-3g), on the early prevention of development of psychological, behavioral and physical disabilities. Social integration of these families and their children in society.

Expertise sought

For us, partnerships are very important and useful because we are keen to get to know the following:
• The way in which autistic conditions in children in Norway are discovered and diagnosed;
• At what age does it usually happen;
• Who specializes in this issue and are there specially created units and specialists (pediatricians, psychologists, or other types of specialists);
What kind if support is provided for these children and their families.