We are non profit organisation designing, organising and supporting interactive workshops and events based on Greek culture, arts and nature

Our main field of work is to design and organise interactive workshops and events especially for children and youth based on Greek culture, intercultural exchange, arts and natural way of living. We believe that the values of the Greek culture within Greek language, Philosophy, Myths, Music, Dance and Theatre can be very useful tools for the self development and self awareness of the young people. Our projects are training interactive courses with games based on Greek culture and nature as learning experience to support the youth

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can provide professional experience on education, organising interactive workshops and events and intercultural connections, promotional and marketing strategies through our knowledge and past work epxerience and through our large professional and scientific network of associates.
Our past experience in tourism, networking, business, education and art is our competence. We also strognly believe and support partnerships as we prefer to participate in collaborations so we exchange expertise.

Expertise sought

We look partners for intercultural exchange, art and innovative spaces to create our projects, innovative thinking organisations, expanding the network and possible collaborations, marketing and educational connections to develop and evolve our own projects. We look partners who are interested in the support of youth and children so they get the best through learning and to develop their self esteem and their self growth. We look of collaborations to promote also the Greek and its values abroad.