NOVUS is an NGO that develops social programs and ensures free of charge services for different groups (e.g. socially deprived, unemployed, etc.)

Since 2001 we have grown to a professional institution with over 15 employees and many of volunteers covering four main pillars:
– Ensuring access to employment, education and training for long-term unemployed and those who will lose their jobs (e.g. due company layoffs).
– Empowering NGOs in the field of social and youth particularly in the development of programs for disadvantaged and socially excluded.
– Supporting services for children and families (e.g. holiday care, lectures and workshops for parents).
– Career advice and counselling for students (age 6 to 19) and their parents.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are highly experienced in the development of different programs for long-term unemployed and (re-)activating them for the particular market needs. Our organization also serves as a hub for all the NGOs in the region (i.e. we are responsible for more than 30 municipalities in Slovenia, serving and promoting the NGOs in all of these municipalities). We have developed more than 50 educational programs and trainings for unemployed. Our career counselling is part of the regional school network.

Expertise sought

We want to transfer the knowledge to other contexts in terms of target groups (i.e. currently the age of (long-term) unemployed is: 28-56) and to other countries. We consider ourselves as highly-skilled partner in project management on national level. We want to elevate this knowledge to the European level, looking for partners with complementary expertise for joint project proposals. Our main target groups are (long-term) unemployed, less educated adults, families and socially deprived.