One Terrene International, in short OTI, is a NGO/NPO (Eurodesk Ambassador) involved in adult and youth education using non formal methodologies.

OTI has experience in combining thematology that includes:

* Empowering youth abilities and skills
* Awareness for Active Citizenship, balance of responsibilities, obligations and rights of European Citizens.
* Self Confidence biulding and Employability (CV biulding, Public Speaking etc.)
* Enterpreneurial Trainings, Skill Development and Workshops
* Non Formal Learning Methodology development and simulations
* Peace and Conflict Resolution Projects
* Intercultural Exchanges and awareness projects for understanding differences and gaining respect of these differences.
* Environment

Competence and Expertise Offered

* Custom and proven Methodologies that include simulations and interactive workshops for the above themes that include all participants and partnerships individual and collective differences.
* A vast database of organisations and our network that we collaborate with and could be included in projects.
* Our expertise includes themes about peace perseverance, multiculturalism, environmental issues but also entrepreneurial skill development and labour market awareness projects.
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Expertise sought

* We are seeking for organisations/partnerships and projects that can enhance our network but also our capacity in entrepreneurial skills on cross-border framework.
* We are also seeking for projects that have a different perspective in the peace/discrimination/minority fields so that we can develop together positive approaches to help Eurosceptic youth of today (to fight extreme nationalism and political polarity of youth).