OIH is where international professionals come together for the sake of professional development, project collaboration, and social networking.

OIH has developed a large and diverse educational portfolio during the last years of its operations whereby it has closely worked with internationals and individuals with minority backgrounds. OIH has especially traction and expertise in professional and cultural integration among talented immigrants.

Competence and Expertise Offered

OIH counts with strong competencies in project management, educational programs oriented to immigrants, marketing, administration, as well as in-house and partner expertise regarding entrepreneurship training. OIH background will provide the methodology and tools on how to empower talented professional migrants highly educated individual’s skill sets, and turn these into opportunities – especially focusing on entrepreneurship and employability.

Expertise sought

OIH has specialised expertise on talented professional migrants, when it comes to career development and job opportunities. OIH has done in the past years many empowerment and training courses on entrepreneurship for talented professional migrants and is looking for partners in this area.