We run a cultural-creative centre Klastor (Monastery) in a small Slovak town Roznava. We organize various events and try to improve local public space

We have organized various public events, such as concerts, exhibitions, film projections or lectures and discussions. We have also launched as well as participated on projects that dealt with public space and its improvement in every aspect of the term, self-government policies, etc. As a new cultural-creative centre we have cooperated with similar projects. We have also launched various projects in creative business and are currently working on implementing them. We are interested in a broad range of activities – from various cultural events to serius discussions on public space.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have launched or participated on several major or minor projects with local impact and have acquired a certain experience in organizing such events so that we are able to manage projects in co-operation with partners in various fields

Expertise sought

Currently we are interested in partners with a long-term experience with such topics as immigration, work with different (ethnic or other) communities (Roma, people hit by poverty, etc.), improvement of the status of women, LGBT community experience