Polish organization working in private and family human rights art. 8 of the ECHR regarding trans-border family issues, Hague convention on Children.

Pantarey Foundation based on the statutory objectives and experience in cross-border family cases, it decided to establish a Center for the Training of Court Specialists in which it will conduct trainings for court experts, issue opinions to courts pursuant and conducted therapeutic classes as part of its statutory objectives.The new unit will also be the Legal Intervention Center (LIC). Assistance under CIP regarding matters of protection of equality and non-discrimination by unjustified direct or indirect differentiation of citizens’ rights and obligations will be free.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Psychology research and trauma training.
– Legal monitoring, assistance in trans-border family rights issues.
– Public diplomacy speaking in Human Dimension Implementation Meetings organized by OSCE in Warszawa and hosting partner NGO.
– Public speaking.
– Court interventions.
– Public institution interventions.

Expertise sought

– Legal assistance in Norwegian family law, international public law, convention on children rights, Hague Convention on Children.
– Psychology and know-how of the Norwegian child protection office.
– International institutions network in the Council of Europe.
– Norwegian host assistance.