create the conditions for the formation of a social awareness so disabled normality, can be accepted, as a deferent conception of life’s conditions

• the right of physically disabled people for resisting against the negative discrimination which consists their social and financial isolation and racial hatred confrontation.
• their right to social participation as equal members ( to independent living, rehabilitation, education,, employment, accessibility, leisure etc.)
• the right to all kinds and forms of education, general or special.
• creation of supportive networks and conditions for independent living in the society as equal and active citizens
• equal participation to social, financial, political and cultural events

Competence and Expertise Offered

The approach of the greek model of disability,through a powerful fight of disabled people in Greece and their families against the lack of legislation and equal access to all aspects of life as well as the social prejudice

Expertise sought

our goals and aims are to receive and exchange knowledge and experience through co-operation with organisations of disabled people in other European or not countries and also empower the greek disabled people and their families through projects to participate in activities that strengthen their social inclusion