Small Resource Centre for education. Educational-Psychology services and for children with special needs /learning difficulties.

Pedverket is a small company that have specialist education for Educational-Psychology services in Norway and work a lot for children who struggels to learn. We also work a lot with better assessment of children. Why assess and test if you do not plan and have plan to help children with their learningproblems.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Pedverket is specialist in
GRUNNLAGET methodolgy Concept teaching model Psychology of learning and the nevrocognitive intelligence theories of PASS and the Das, Naglieri& Goldstein: Cognitive Assessment System 2

Expertise sought

We want to present both the GRUNNLAGET methodolgy to teachers who work with children with special needs and beginners to school.
We want to help with new perspectives on assessment that help the children to learn.
We want to learn and cooperate with schools, centres and persons who care for children at risk and with learning difficulties.