We are team of designers and artists coming from diverse backgrounds and practices which we apply for solutions of real life wicked problems.

Performative design is a hybrid set of applied methodologies of various design and performative arts practices. We use this practice for creation of collaborative events, actions, designs of various nature and for diverse purposes. Possible working methods: ethnographic and artistic research of the context, creative and hands on experience prototyping sessions, co creative process of interactive scenarios, solutions, object designs and storytelling.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Development of socially oriented artistic process and outcomes through collaboration and test work with various types of communities, co-creation of data and content, distribution of meanings between the collaborators’ network. The balance (existing or created) between personal and public, active and passive factors is created with carefully selected types of artistic interventions and objects. We work with problem formulation and contextualization, “reframing” and design of scenarios, solutions