Peri Viou sociocultural center in central Greece aims to unite people and groups of people through inclusive projects, workshops and events.

Peri Viou sociocultural center is a Non Profit Organisation with horizontal membership structure. Its free to participate and there are no limits in the range of activities. We aim to connect with other centers and organisations all over Europe (at least) and collaborate for common goals. We focus especially on antidiscrimination issues and positive mental attitude.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We organise workshops and events all year as well an annual multicultural festival in a beautiful landscape area close to our hometown. We are members of several sociocultural networks in Greece and rest Europe as we love connections for common goals. We offer as well best practices for active citizens through experience and a new terrain for collaborations.

Expertise sought

We aim to collaborate with other organisations and exchange experience, knowledge, skills and promote Unity in respect of multiforms.