We reduce plastic waste in the ocean while helping at risk groups of people to return to society.

Plast piratenes goal is to educate people about plastic waste, organize and execute marine cleanups and helping people that have fallen on the outside of society to return to it.
The people of concern are ex-convicts and people that have managed to return to sobriety. We participate in anything that promotes the environment, and are also the responsible for Pirate rentals, a company that restores boats and install electric motors for rent and sale.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Knowledge about plastic waste disposal and cleanup. We also know how to help people regain their lives and find direction again. We are also knowledgeable about starting non-profit organisations.

Expertise sought

We would love to share knowledge about plastic waste as well as running a non profit organisation. Such things as securing funding and learning where in the world an organisations such as ours could be needed and who would be interested.