PLAYING aims at changing the culture around play, through raising awareness, education and support for parents, teachers and the community.

– educating preschool teachers, teachers and parents on ways to promote free play
– advocacy for the rights of children to play
– offering ideas and suggestion on promoting play
– research on play
– small scale urban interventions for prompting play
– designing outdoor spaces

Competence and Expertise Offered

– The organization has been trained on capacity building skills for NGO’s (project managment, budgeting, etc)
– Experience in Local and international projects
– Experience in developing educational material
– Experience in liaising with nurseries and schools, the community and local authorities
– Experience in loose parts play
– Experience in dissemination activities and multiplier events
– Members of international organizations

Expertise sought

We would like to cooperate on issues such as:
– Advocacy for the right of children to play
– Ways to promote outdoor play
– Small scale urban intervention for play
– Engagement of the community in supporting play
– Innovative ways to enhance child play