Plegma”, a civil non-profit organization, based in Greece. It engages in a range of cultural activities throughout Greece and Europe.

Its statutory purposes include:

cultural management
cultural activities
cultural networking
the organization of seminars and educational, cultural and tourism events
the organization of theatrical plays
Plegma consists of an extensive network of accomplished associates and volunteers
Our mission involves the planning and implementation of cultural actions, accessible to all members of the population, with no age, educational, geographical, racial or religious restrictions, thus supporting and reinforcing cultural policy at a local and country-wide level.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Some of Plegma activities are the following:

• Cultural Managment Seminars
• Cinematography
• Production of theatre
• Concerts
• Intergeneration projects of oral history
• Consulting (cultural planning, management, communication)
• Creative Industry (creation of board game, editions, books etc)
• Dancefestival of folklore dance
• Voluntarism

Expertise sought

Cultural Networks