Radawnica Folk High School helps adults develop their passions and talents. We create a good and safe space for all using Grundtvigian methodology

Our theme is “school for life” and therefore the main activities are around:
– courses for adults (culture, traditions, basic skills)
– workshops (pottery, macrame, woodwork, willow wickery, painting, iconography etc)
– organisation of art exhibitions (paintings, sculptures)
– short and long term courses (home maintenance, budget management, ecology etc.)
– activisation of seniors (special support groups, activities, events, multicultural and age-mixed projects)

We are particularly interested in the development of non-formal education partnership between organisation as well as staff.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are the oldest operating Folk High School in Poland (continuously since 1946). Up until now we have had over 10k students across all courses offered. We have been running some medical courses for the last 20 years (occupational therapy) as well as those of non-formal status developing participants’ basic skills. We have had quite a few Erasmus projects and posses some interesting partners from all over Europe (mainly Southern).

Expertise sought

We look for a partner that has an expertise in Folk High schools and non-formal education of adults. We would like to exchange good practices and learn on how to increase the interest in our school by offering some interesting, new and modern courses at our Folk High Schools.
We would like to cooperate with people who are open-minded and like to try new things even with such a strict topic as education.