PRAKSIS is a Greek humanitarian, not for profit association providing holistic support through multidisciplinary teams, to vulnerable populations.

Main axes of intervention:

– Prevention activities
– Intervention via supporting services
– Research
– Awareness raising activities
– Advocacy and lobbying

Major line for services:

– Direct and free of charge Primary Health Care and Pharmaceutical Provision
– Basic hygiene services (shower, hygiene kits, clothing etc.)
– Psychological support
– Social support
– Work counselling and promotion to the labour market
– Legal counselling
– Side supporting services
– Housing / sheltering

Target groups: as Greek poor, homeless, migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, NEETs

Competence and Expertise Offered

PRAKSIS has extensive experience in supporting vulnerable groups to enter the labor market (SYN STO PLIN programme, Employability Center) and expertise in Business Development Services, with excellent results. PRAKSIS Business Coaching Center has received many awards for promoting youth entrepreneurship. Also, PRAKSIS offers employability services in all its basic structures, such as the Athens Community Center, PRAKSIS Polyclinic and the Day Care Center for the Homeless.

Expertise sought

PRAKSIS seeks to participate in a consortium mainly as partner, in order to contribute to the submission of an innovative project proposal under RF-YOUTH: Unlocking Youth Potential of EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment (Deadline: 05-01-2021). Since 2004 PRAKSIS implements a wide range of projects (funded by EU, EEA, international organizations, private funding) and is very experienced in providing multi-level interventions for the inclusion and integration of vulnerable groups.