We want a life without suffering for children and parents who have lost their lives together. We support good parenting after the breakup.

We are looking for restorative ways to heal relationships in families where parents divorce or divorce, and where children often suffer from continuing disputes, conflicts and violence between parents. We guide families through this difficult period to a new beginning. We work with parents and children. We provide free expert advice, assisted contacts (meeting children with parents, handing over children between parents), family mediation (Parental / Family Dialogue), sharing groups (Parent Group and Child Group), restorative community format (Renewal Circles).

Competence and Expertise Offered

We offer enthusiasm for a restorative and holistic approach to working with the family, and 7 years of experience working as a team in which there are therapists, psychologists, special educators, social workers, mediators, coaches and clergy. We welcome multidisciplinarity and diversity, joint learning from challenging cases (marginalized groups and minorities), finding solutions, preventing “hidden” violence and the environment that has a pathological effect on the child’s development.

Expertise sought

We would like cooperate in: looking for ways to expand the portfolio of creative techniques for working with adults, in the field of public and professional public education we are interested in overcoming social taboos and seeking support for our field of work, responsibility for the child situation and seeking new “good working” interpretations of the term “family”.