The organization engages in consulting services and specializes in the planning and execution of projects and programs funded by European sources.

Our specialized knowledge allows us to directly engage with vulnerable groups and communities, prioritizing children, women, and marginalized groups. We can assist in coordinating seminars, conducting trainings, and organizing public events to raise awareness for protection and specialized support services. Additionally, we aim to enhance societal awareness.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can offer skilled professionals to deliver successful projects and specialized trainings. Through collaboration with an organization from the donor country, we will jointly conduct research and events, extracting valuable practices and experiences. We will establish a team to define precise technical activities for developing and implementing specialized services. The focus will be on supporting and creating a protective environment for people at risk.

Expertise sought

We are eager to collaborate with partners from the Kingdom of Norway who have expertise in preventing and addressing various forms of violence. We anticipate the organization to compile effective practices and share them with us for implementation. We also look forward to receiving recommendations for engaging with the Bulgarian justice system, civil society organizations, and establishing partnerships with Norwegian organizations. Together, we aim to foster cooperation, partnership, and enhan