Projekt Lajfr is a Czech organization dedicated to open taboo topics at schools and providing marketing help for other NGOs.

Our main field of work is sexual education, with a focus on opening up taboo topics in Czech schools. We cover a wide range of subjects including sexual health, online dating, well-being, financial literacy, and discrimination. Additionally, we provide support to other NGOs by offering training on effective marketing strategies, communication with target audiences, and social media management.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We offer expertise in sexual education, curriculum development, and innovative approaches to engaging young people. Our organization has extensive experience in addressing sensitive topics, creating educational resources, and training educators. We can provide comprehensive support in curriculum development, program implementation, and marketing strategies.

Expertise sought

We are seeking cooperation with partners who share our passion for sexual education and youth empowerment. We are particularly interested in collaborating with organizations or individuals who have expertise in curriculum development, innovative educational approaches, and marketing strategies. We value partners who are committed to addressing taboo topics, engaging with young people, and making a positive impact on their lives.