We are a small non-government organization working in art and cultural field.

We place a focus on art and cultural activities. We work with local communities to encourage the development of social and emotional competencies. We popularize ethnicity and national self-awareness.
We work to organize a special youth center, where young people could spend their free time, socialize, attend educational and entertainment events. We plan to create an afterschool program which does provide an inclusive environment where youth would feel cared for and connected, it will allow to explore and develop skill, competencies in a safe and secure environment.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Creating art and cultural education programs. Creating training program for emotionl and social competencies. Specialisation of Lithuanians art, history and ethnicity.

Expertise sought

Sharing experiences working with troubled or at risk youth.
Good practice in social integration for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Methods and programs for social inclusion through art and cultural activities.