PULSE Foundation provides its services in support of persons and families, victims or at risk of violence, human trafficking and other at-risk groups.

Integration and Rehabilitation of Persons and Children Victims of Violence and / or Trafficking in Human Beings
Prevention of violence through leading of youth clubs, training at schools
Programs for prevention of HIV/AIDS among at-risk groups.

Implement projects and programs for supporting people, affected by violence, trafficking and other forms of exploitation, as well as drug addicted and their families;training at schools, kindergartens in the field of prevention of violence, drug addictions, human trafficking, risk sexual behavior. Dissemination of information materials.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Psychological consulting
Juridical consulting
Conducting of training in the field of forms of violence, human trafficking, sexual health, prevention of drug addiction among different target groups.
Social assistance
Developing methodology for work with the target group
Activities for prevention of violence

Expertise sought

Survey of attitudes towards different issues
Sharing of experience in the work
Conducting of training
Dissemination of different activities in partner organizations in order to help victims of violence, trafficking or other form of exploitation,
Prevention of violence
Developing methodology for work with the target group