Long-life-learning, social inclusion and diversity, volunteers engagement, support for the marginalised: the unemployed, migrants, disabled, seniors.

We deliver educational and social projects helping the marginalised and defavourised adults (unemployed, migrants, disabled, seniors, caretakers or mothers) to reskill, integrate to the society and improve their career advancement. We support volunteers` engagement and promote among employers DE&I practices. By „Stella Virium” contest we recognise and award the individuals (like Courageous Refugee Woman, Great-Hearted Volunteer, Victorius Despite Barriers) who work for others and change for better their local societies. We help companies to implement ESG strategy in the social aspect.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Stella Virium created the model of educational support for the the marginalised and vulnerable adults helping them increase their chances of employability. The program includes trainings on soft and hard/business skills (motivation, self confidence, recruitment skills, digital competence, labor law, tools and work systems orientation, potential employment opportunities) accompanied by mentoring and coaching support offered by volunteers.
Dedicated programs for war refugees.

Expertise sought

We want to learn good practices from partners on integrating foreigners, migrants, refugees by the hosting country especially in the aspect of reskilling and labor market activisation. We seek expertise and experience exchange with other organisations of how to improve vocational situation of the people with disabilities on the labor market, how to activate, train and prepare them to get employment and how to create the favourable and inclusive environment for vulnerable people in organizations.