Regional umbrella organization for youth organizations. We are dedicated to nonformal education, active participation and youth policies.

YCPR is a civic organisation working with youth for 20 years. Our main aim is to represent, promote and defend the interests of young people in the Presov region as a partner in the field of youth policy for local and regional self-government, state government and other institutions. Our target groups are: children and young people to 30 years; teachers, youth councils and parliaments, decision makers. We do nonformal youth education mainly based on youth advocacy and softskills. We created comprehensive strategic document on local level – the Strategy of Prešov Region for youth.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Youth work on local level, nonformal eduaction, youth participation and strategy making process, youth advocation, youth councils and parliaments, democracy and active citizenship, local networking

Expertise sought

We are interested in various themes regarding youth or organisational capacity building. Main fields of interest the organisation are local and regional youth policy and participation, active democratic citizenship, human rights, volunteering, student councils, youth parliaments and municipal youth councils.