Non – profit Radio 92FM has been founded by the Multiple sclerosis society order to better inform the public, about persons with disability.

We are small radio station in Croatia and we are looking a partner for Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway active citizens fund. The theme is Pressure for access. Multiple sclerosis society of Brod- Posavina county has been active since 2002 as an independent organization. Its members live in Brod-Posavina county and all of them suffer from multiple sclerosis and other related disorders. The organization was founded in order to promote the protection of human and other rights of people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Multiple sclerosis society of Brod-Posavina county organizes volunteering and inclusive volunteering activities and it encourages the development of publishing and other media activities in order to provide better information about the problems that people with multiple sclerosis face in their everyday lives. In accordance with rules and regulations, it encourages domestic and international public gatherings, meetings, conferences, seminars and discussions.

Expertise sought

Radio 92FM is independent and apolitical. People with disability as well as other groups of people at risk are in its focus. The radio program is led by a professional team and a group of volunteers. Radio 92FM contributes to the reinforcement of the article 8 of the UN’s Convention on the rights of people with disabilities. It is a unique platform where all members of the society can talk about their problems as well as their accomplishments and it also tries to be open towards the whole commun