Entrepreneurs Club aiming the development of the region of the Great Lake of Alqueva.

Fight for the inclusion and civic participation of all people.

Through sport and cultural and recreational events we try to bring LIFE to a poor developing region with an aging population.

We want to promote education for citizenship and fight against racism and gender discrimination.

We want to promote volunteering and solidarity.

We want to promote collaboration between our NGO and investigative journalists to ensure transparency and fight corruption.

We want to promote awareness campaigns and initiatives to prevent and combat human rights violations, such as discrimination, racism, hate speech and all forms of violence.

Integration of Roma People

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have volunteers from various fields of knowledge, such as :
– economists,
– accountants,
– teachers,
– football coaches,
– beekeepers,
– rural workers,
– administrative workers,
– nurses.

Expertise sought

We look for help in organizing all the tasks that in the previous pont we put “We want”.

We seek help in organizing tasks that lead us to help a true integration of Roma People.