Our organisation focuses on women parity on labour market and segeragation of women over 50 from labour market.

Our recent project idea is an elimination of the segregation of women over 50 from the labour market. We gather partricular cases of Labour Code breaking, forcing women to sign disadvatnegous work contracts. (Example: woman is forced to sign part-time contract, in a fact she often has to work 10 hours a day or more.)

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are going to provide a study of missusing women over 50 for unpaid work, similar to servitude (not so flagrant as the one in the Third World, but together with all social and psychological impact.)

Expertise sought

We are looking for a partner of the field of human rights protection, mainly focused on women, especially of East European ones. How to fill a gap between west European women position on the labour market and their counterpart. We´d like to create a legal protection of the women over 50 explicitly empodied in the Labour Code.