Founded in 2001, our organization works for improving the education of Roma children and students through changes in policies and mentoring.

Organization is composed by roma and non-Roma experts in education, human rights, child rights and social work. One of the previous long term organization`s project for dessegregation of the Roma school in Montana become a state initiative and it is implemented now by the local Municipality with municipal funding. We have provided additional lessons in primary/secondary schools and oppened 15 creative studios in the country as a form of informal learning,overcoming discrimination and agreassion, placing a Roma Mentor with expertise in Arts or Culture.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– intercultural interaction;
– initiating of activities with Roma children and youngsters;
– cultural activities for equall opportunities

Expertise sought

– trainers in entrepreneurship and developing of bussiness plans;
– trainers and consultants in woman empowerment
– development of ideas for cultural events aiming popularizing of human rights and equallity