We connect people with disabilities with employers and the public, helping people with health or other disadvantages to develop their full potential.

The Revenium is a non-governmental organisation that strategically connects social, healthcare, and educational fields. Thanks to its team of professionals from various disciplines, it connects people with disabilities with employers and the public, helps people with disabilities or otherwise disadvantaged in development of entrepreneurial activities, helps change a view of old people and young disabled people. 90 % of the Revenium’s employees are disabled people. We are here for everyone that believes that diversity makes improvement and takes everything forward.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Running a social enterprise in the Czech republic. Connecting disadvantaged people with employers and providing a helping hand in the labour market. Thank to our online Magazine Inspirante we are very well aware of the needs and competences of disadvantaged persons especially in health area.

Expertise sought

Looking for a transnational partner in order to develop a bilateral cooperation project on exchange of good practise, study visits and experience sharing.