NGO, whose mission is to be actively involved in numerous community initiatives.

The main goals of the organization include contribution to the development of national and local potential to promote and support the socio-economic development of the community. This includes stimulation the development of education, intellectual labor, tourism in all its forms (cultural, historical, religious, business and congress, rural, ecotourism).

We help to raise funds and implement local national and international projects and actively participate in protecting the environment, cultural and historical heritage and thus contributing to the sustainable development.

Competence and Expertise Offered

I own PhD, MSc, MPhil. Since 2000 I have been participating in the organization and implementation of European educational projects as well as in organizing student exchanges with schools from other European countries, developing and managing the town-twinning project for the Municipality of Razlog.

Expertise sought

Active involvement and good rapport; sharing responsibilities and providing mutual help.