We are committed supporters of the development of the social economy in all its diversity. We carry out educational and experimental projects.

We are dealing with projects that represent new solutions for precarious work and the stay of young, other at-risk social groups. In conjunction with societies and civic initiatives, we strive for decent ageing. Based on foreign experience, we try to develop models that are appropriate for our social environment. We are particularly interested in developing housing communities for various at-risk groups (especially the elderly) and, on the other hand, suitable forms of work for the 21st century. Experimental development is monitored to ensure the quality development of each project.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can provide knowledge and knowledge of project development in the fields of cooperatives and social enterprises. In particular, our members are trained in risk economics, communication for collaboration, assessment of project development phases and legal bases for social economy development. We can prepare analyzes on the social economy for Slovenia, and the Balcans were we are experts in the development in this field.

Expertise sought

We are interested in innovative development projects within the framework of the social economy in the areas of solutions for precarious work, for residential communities for both young people and the elderly, and for the development of financial mechanisms in support of the above projects.