Our mission in to raise awareness of safe usage of internet and modern technologies. We offer trainings to pupils, students, teachers, and seniors

Risks of internet and modern technologies focuses on preventive education for young people and adults, teachers, parents in the issue of unsafe use of the Internet and communication technologies. Warns against misuse of personal data and the introduction of new phenomena in cyberspace, such as sexting, cyber grooming, phishing, Happy Slapping. We are dedicated to shooting movies, comics and creating educational programs, lectures and implementing effective projects.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our association is run by four full-time employees and 10 professional freelancers. Permanent employees are specialists graduating from the European Union, its structure, and grants from other European funds. They are experts with knowledge, experience and good results especially in education. The advantages of the association are flexibility, accuracy and reliability. All employees are part of the solid team that gives emphasis on cooperation.

Expertise sought

We are looking for a partner to a preprade project that aims to fight hoax and deepen critical thinking as well as work on innovative methods and share good practice in cyberspace.