Search and Family reunion for adopted adult people. Promotion of foster care in order minors can find a secutre family invoironment.

An important prerequisite for the independence and socialization of young people is to develop social and vocational skills that will help them cope with any adversity they might encounter during their transition process. Because this transition period has many difficulties at psychological and emotional levels, it is of equal importance to provide psychological support.

For this purpose, expert and experienced colleagues of the Centre offer psychosocial support and employment counseling to young people who have left or are leaving alternative forms of care (institutions and foster fa

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Youth Information Center offers activities and services for young people who live in or have left residential care, careleavers. Our aim is to facilitate socialization and a smooth transition from institutional care into the community. Personal development groups will be formed to provide psychological support and enhance their self esteem. Furthermore, individual and group meetings will be organized by our proffesionals.

Expertise sought

We are willing to work in cooperation with other ngos in the path of Deinstitutalization for children and young people who are in residential care.