We are an NGO established 25 years ago helping people to overcome their criminal past. We support them on their way back into society.

We provide services for people with cirminal past and in prisons: we support them in gaining and sustaining work, in dealing with debts and being responsible towards oneself, family and their surroundings.
We are planning to apply for a project aiming at creating and improving the process of detention transition. To start working with people in prisons before release and continuing to support them after release. We want to strengthen our cooperation with state authorities and work together on system change in the field of criminal justice and re-integration of ex- offenders.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have 25 years of experience with direct work with people criminal past and also in prisons (more than 2.000 clients in 2018). We provide services that proved to be efficient and can make a difference. We employ people with criminal past in our organisation, leading other companies by example.
We ran successful campaigns and organise events to change the attitude of general public towards people with criminal past.

Expertise sought

We are looking for partner organisation which has experience with detention transition. And to share how this process works in Norway: how does state and NGOs cooperate in order to prepare the offenders for release and how are they being supported after release?