Ruhnu Cultural Space (Ruhnu Kultuuriruum) is a remote paradise island of Ruhnu making visions for better future and plan actions to reach it.

The aim of the association is to enhance the full-value living environment of the Ruhnu community, incl. recording, creating and introducing the cultural heritage of Ruhnu Island.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Ruhnu Kultuuriruum has voluntarily joined in the public interest
non-profit organization uniting active persons. We have a range of different expertise from science to arts.

Expertise sought

The main emphasis would be cultural exchange and knowledge. We would like to find organizations with similar mindset to start discussions of possible cooperation models, or just to learn from each other. Maybe we can find scientific or cultural programs that solve common interests, maybe it would just be nice to see how others live or even bring musicians to perform as part of a cultural exchange. We do not have a very specific requirement for cooperation.