SANANIM is a Czech NGO founded in 1990 providing complex services to citizens endangered by addictive behaviour (drugs/alcohol/gambling).

SANANIM is the key operator on the field of drug services in Prague. Not only because of largest spectrum of services, number of employees or history, it’s mainly cause of number of clients (50% of PWIDS based in Prague in contact), services quality, and effectivity (e.g. 1,600.000 exchanged syringes a year; 3/5 all Prague PWIDS in contact; 2 clients a week assisted to treatment etc.). SANANIM operates in two key areas – Harm reduction and treatment and in sixteen major establishments.

Competence and Expertise Offered

SANANIM could offer extensive know-how and experience in (1) provision of effective, professional assistance to persons threatened by drug addiction in low threshold and treatment programs that form a complex system of prevention, care, treatment and social rehabilitation; (2) development of specific services; (3) cooperation at local and central level planning and implementation of Czech and EU drug policy, international cooperation and change the public view on the issue of drug

Expertise sought

We are seeking partners to share all kind of good practices on the fields of
– effective, professional services
– new approaches in providing of services and application of new technologies
– drug policy (national, local, system of effective coordination, financing,