We are a climate-oriented organisation that focuses on intersectionality, active citizenship, activism and environmental education.

Through our initiative, Circular Hub, we connect active people who are concerned about the future and the environment, and who want to be part of positive change. Spectrum of the topics we focus on is broad, we connect people from different fields and of different interests, and we strive to provide everyone with opportunities to focus on the field. Our focus lies in: climate and justice activism, education and raising awareness (climate change, climate crisis, and climate grieve, intersectionality, justice, fast fashion, waste management, pollution,…), volunteering and active citizenship.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We connect people from different fields who are professionals and can provide important information on many topics. We are able to provide consultations and mentoring in any climate-oriented topics and help with problemsolving. We are happy to participate in any interesting

Expertise sought

We love to grow and connect with like-minded people and organisations. We believe that our ideas, project and activities are worth sharing and we would be thrilled to get them “out of Slovakia”. Any possible growth for our members is welcomed; we are open to any mentoring and workshops. As a civic association, we are glad for any ideas and consultations on fundraising and marketing.