We aim to define, transfer and measure the impact of the evidence based strategies in early education and social work.

Our goal is to support teachers (pre-schools, primary and secondary schools), social workers and parents helping them in providing the best care for children. We do not claim to have exceptional expertise. There are certainly different ways to approach early education and care. We aim to define the methods and strategies, which have shown to be effective based on empirical evidence. We support the involvement of key actors and their experiences with these methods.
Our projects focus on the development/ implementation and measurement of inclusive methods for teachers and social workers.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can offer the expertise in research and development of methodological materials for pre-schools and primary schools, teacher training, evaluation design and implementation. We have also an explicit expertise in international cooperation and communication, adopting different strategies from abroad to the Czech environment promoting the approach of every child/family matters and ensuring equal access to early education and care.

Expertise sought

We seek partners working in the field of education, especially pre-school and primary school education, as well social work focusing on the families in need. We look forward to the international partnerships to exchange the evidence based approaches of teaching and learning, and improving communication in families.