School Life and Education Museum is an institution situated in the center of Athens and aims to promote the values of Greek culture and education.

School Life and Education Museum as a cultural initiative aim to promote the values of Greek Culture and Education through the development of activities for the promotion of literacy, education, literature, and culture. Its vision is to preserve historical memory and cultural heritage through the facilitation of workshops, training programs and Museum educational programs for adults and minors, cultural events, cultural routes, art exhibitions, site-specific dance and theatre performances, book presentations, seminars, conferences, lectures, student contests etc.

Competence and Expertise Offered

School Life and Education Museum has a vast experience in organizing educational programs for children and adults in the areas of Greek Culture, Gender Equality and Gender Discrimination in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Universities, Municipalities, NGOs etc. In recent years we have been engaged in a variety of consortiums and partnerships, and this year we launched the “VOICE: School Life Intercultural Stories” project, a Trans-European project in order to explore oral history.

Expertise sought

We seek partners in order to enlarge our network of synergies and partnerships, broaden our horizons, widen our field of actions, exchange know-how and best practices, improve our entrepreneurial transversal skills, explore the working methodology of other organizations and cooperate for the creation of new projects with social impact in the fields of preserving and promoting European culture, active citizenship and gender equality.