The team has developed in fields of entrepreneurship, youth involvement, social work, culture transfer, integration, and development in the Baltics.

The Science and Innovation Park Foundation has been successful since 2012 and has been set up to promote the development of the knowledge economy through the involvement of innovation, technology and knowledge transfer. According to NACE 2 classificator, the scope of the foundation is the performance of other studies and experimental developments in science and engineering (72.19). A stable team has developed throughout the organization, with experience in the implementation of education, technology and innovation projects, involving funding from the public budget, EU projects.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Social project involving youth to gain experience – “My Land Beautiful”, the “Journal” project and the “New Specialists Employment Program” project.
The “New Specialists Employment Program” project. The “Youth Employment Program”
In 2017 and 2018, camps funded by the Latvian State budget “Support for Diaspora and Latvian Children’s Common Camps”
In 2020, the foundation implemented 3 European Solidarity Corps projects.
KING – “Innovation grants for students developing their business ideas”

Expertise sought

We seek a reliable and adjustable partner for all types of work so that our teams can easily fulfill any gaps for implementing cooperation projects.
Our aim is to ensure all team education and development in project management and coordination to ensure that all goals and targets are reached.
We supper youth workers and try to cooperate with experts in all fields to provide wider insight.