NGO born from teachers desire to offer an educational non-formal alternative to the static traditional learning in Romanian schools, for all children.

We have over 8 years of working in traditional education and trying to escape its limits. We now plan to offer a constant outdoor non-formal education program, with mobile learning by playing events in different social groups. The gathered experiences with urban, rural, fostered or Roma children will help us create a kindergarten and school for everybody, where learning will suit real needs and also offer experiences outdoor, rather than theory indoor. Together with a strong preparation for parents and teachers, we hope to influence the entire education policy of our country, in time.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have the experience of what the state system of education in Romania means, from a child point of view, as well as from an adult teacher. Our voluntary work outside the system or our NGO also got us to know part of the needs of children from poor villages or foster homes.

Expertise sought

We seek the know-how of bigger and more experienced NGO-s that would want to be part of realizing our goals by accessing eea funds.