The Norwegian organisation for LGBTIQ+ people with an immigrant background. Asylumseekers, refugees, students, workmigrants and Norwegians

Working socially, culturally and politically to improve the lives of our target group.

We create safer social meetings spaces across the country, self help groups, offer councelling, legal aid, workshops and seminars for our target groups.

At the same time we offer lectures, workshops and seminars for professionals that meet our target group and need a better understanding of both lgbtiq+ matters and a greater cultural awareness.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have a unique expertise in issues related to lgbtiq+ topics in a immigrant perspective. Be it related to how to work on issues related lgbti+ asylum seekers and refugees, students or being a minority in the minority facing discrimination, racism, force marriage, social control and lack of freedom to the lack of representation in our communities.

Expertise sought

Do you work on lgbtiq+ issues or migrant/ immigration issues we would be interested in hearing more. Also if you work on raising lgbtiq+ issues in immigrant communites.