For the past 10 years SKEP has systematically implemented Disability Awareness Programs, addressing primary & secondary education mainstream students.

The interaction of vulnerable social groups with mainstream students is key to altering attitudes and behavior regarding diversity and disability.
Α. Disability Awareness Programs Within the school framework: Educational Program “Focus on the person”
B. Advocacy
– Training disability motivational speakers – the training is held by SKEP’s motivational speakers with disability
C. National & International Networking
– Knowledge Partnerships: Networking Activities – National and International Synergies

Competence and Expertise Offered

Over the last 10 years, SKEP:
• Informs, raises awareness and promotes the rights and equal opportunities of young people (with and without disability).
• Encourages the concept of acceptance, awareness, solidarity and tolerance.
• Enhances inclusion, co-operation and socialization of people with disability.
• Promotes good practices, active participation and capacity building.
• Strengthens the role of general education students.
• Promotes volunteerism.
• Mobilizes the local community.

Expertise sought

We would like to cooperate with NGO’s that focus on:
– Disability awareness programs
– Inclusion, co-operation and socialization of people with disability
– Diversity
– Equal opportunities & human rights
– Education
– Children and Youth
– Employment for disabled youth
– Change making in regards to diversity
– Active citizenship