Our organization Škola zážitkov Harvart has been working since 2014. It has implemented several projects in the field of experience education.

Our organization focuses on delivering the experience learning via audiovisual lectures on several topics, including five-part-project called Svet médií (The Media World) with more than 90 thousand participants. In 2017, the organization started to focus on the topic of women’s rights and prevention of the domestic violence with a successful lecture called „No means No!“ The organizacion works with a huge network of elementary and high schools in Slovakia and presents the content live, as well as online.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The head lecturer of the company has over a decade-long experience in the field of presentation for both, adult and teen audience, focusing on the topic of the very meaning of media and critical thinking improvement.

Expertise sought

Our organization is looking for partners in Slovakia and abroad with a similarly-focused orientation. The aim of the company is to offer the expert content of its lectures to pupils and students abroad, since we honestly believe that the topic of the media influence on young people is borderless and atemporal.