We are a humanitarian organisation that encourages volunteer work, acts in the area of migration, helps the vulnerable and advocates for human rights.

We combine different activities, mainly trainings, advocacy and direct aid, in five programme units: Volunteering, Migration, Intergenerational cooperation; International collaboration and Pro Bono Clinic.
Our core activity is the promotion of voluntary work, which we do through trainings and opportunities for volunteering. We also provide assistance to refugees, children and young migrants, promote intergenerational cooperation in our units all across Slovenia, offer the homeless and people without health insurance access to health services through a Pro Bono Clinic, etc

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can offer 27 years of expertise and experience in managing many different stakeholders. We coordinate the Slovene Network of Volunteering Organisations with more than 1.700 members; we also have 8 units across Slovenia – most of them Intergenerational Centres. We’ve accumulated experience from different international projects on the topic of migration – writing and implementing them. We also run two Day Centres for Migrants, one in Ljubljana and one in Maribor, so we do a lot of field work as well.

Expertise sought

We are always seeking fresh ideas and perspectives in fields that we cover, the biggest being Volunteering, Migration, Intergenerational Cooperation – the more the idea connects these fields rather than dividing them, the better. We are also always happy when an organisation has a lot of experience in a particular topic/field, which could connect with ours. We’re all about connecting and are looking forward to new collaboration!