Slovenian U3A is a national umbrella organisation uniting 52 universities. It deals with the education of older people and about older people.

Fields of activity

– socially engaged education and art of older people
– educating/training specialists in the field of older adult education
– citizens education for older people
– social participation for social inclusion
– integrated guidance for active ageing
– supporting and fostering intergenerational learning
– devising educational programmes and multiplying innovations in older adult education
– older people’s volunteering in culture and training for volunteering
– researching older adult education and learning, developing educational programmes

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Programming adult education
– Methods in older adult education
– Models for social participation
– Visual literacy, storytelling, film making
– Cultural tourism for inclusion
– Creating leaflets, posters, logos
– Marketing and animation in older adult education
– Researching adult education
– Empowerment of older people
– Creating social practices
– Older women and older man in education
– Silver economy towards inclusion
– Cultural heritage
– Managenent in nonprofit organisations

Expertise sought

We are looking for compatible expertise in the field of socially marginalised groups, ICT skills, the technical side of blended courses, learning platforms, knowledge about social movements, learning in the workplace.