Our organization is created for supporting parents and legal guardians in their path of closeness parenting. In love we trust!

1. Breastfeeding promotion.
2. Promotion of closeness parenting.
3. Education.
4. Healthy lifestyle promotion.
5. Activities for the protection of the environment.
6. Activities for equal rights.
7. Activation of Women
8. Civic activation.

* Organizing webinars about parenting, health, mental health, etc.
* Organizing support group, eg. for young mothers
* Organizing workshops for parents and children
* Broadcasts for children, young adults, and for parents
* Writing articles, posts about our main field
* Making graphics
* Organizing research projects (about breastfeeding and mothers’ milk).

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are experienced in supporting parents and children. We could organize webinars, workshops, and support groups for women. We know pretty much about breastfeeding and closeness parenting.
Our president is an IT specialist. She specializes in computer graphics.
The members of the association are two doctoral students who research breast milk.
Vicepresident is experienced in coordination, creation of broadcasts, and writing articles. And all of these and many more we could share with You 🙂

Expertise sought

We believe that cooperation could be much more fruitful than solitary actions. We are open to new relationships and points of view. We’d like to learn from our partners and share our knowledge and experiences. We also looking for a partner who helps us in our struggle with companies producing formula milk, which methods of operation are unethical for us.