Phaos, is a social enterprise, which helps young and potential entrepreneurs to build their own social business. Also can host them as co workers

Phaos organization team are business consultants and can can give the necessary mentoring to people who wants to accomplishment their own idea. Throw the co working space “House by Phaos” can also host business and coworkers from all over the world. The Phaos’ s Event Management Departement can organize all types of events: seminars, sports events, cultular events, media plan etc and we organise and educate volunteers to take part in these events

Competence and Expertise Offered

Phaos team can provide good practises in metoring of social enterpeneurship, can host co workers from all over the world and make a plan for them in thematic tourism to visit important historical places to the region of Peloponnese nad to live the original way of Greek life, by comping work and pleasure. Our expertisement is especially in practices of circular economy, enviroment and events, most for social companies

Expertise sought

The people behind Phaos organization, are economist, lawyer, ex banking manager, people who knows the market, the problems and the issues of every project. Also these people were always part of teams as volunteers and active citizens and have organize Tedx Kalamata and other very big events in the region of Messinia in Greece