The Foundation is an NGO in community service. Has extensive experience in managing projects aimed at the integration of ethnic minorities, networking

Our mission is to ensure equal opportunities and creating the conditions for successful integration in the society of minorities and improving the quality of life in the region of Plovdiv, Bulgaria as follows:
1) Cultural heritage management, preservation and conservation related to national, regional and local development;
2) Documentation and accessibility of culture and cultural heritage;
3) Cultural entrepreneurship;
4) Audience development, including people in the diversity of culture, outreach and educational activities;
5) Networking and international culture cooperation/exchange

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Foundation has volunteers and experts in various fields. Social foundation “Indi-Roma 97” works on the problems of ethnic minorities, especially the Roma since its inception. Representatives of the organization take part in working groups at the Regional Council on ethnic integration issues.

Expertise sought

Assessing the need to know the culture of others about the acceptance and integration of minorities. The role that culture and cultural heritage play as resources for local and regional development through measures for cultural entrepreneurship, employment and social inclusion, the improvement of access to culture