SHA aims at integrating social vulnerable groups, through offering free tech educational programs in digital skills & network with the job market.

The educational programs we offer are
Coding Classes (lasting for 7 months) and
Basic Computer Skills Training (lasting 20 hours)
We educate our students in soft skills and we cooperate with companies, in order to enable their labor integration.
SHA cooperates with tech companies, in order to organize events & career days in order to strengthen the network around the organization and empower our graduates to come in touch with tech reruiters.

Competence and Expertise Offered

SHA has completed 3 coding classes and now is running 3 coding classes. 145 students have been educated through the programs and 10 out of 19 students have been places in the job market. We have established partnerships with 20 NGOs, serving social vulnerable groups, 20 tech companies in order to place our graduates. We are also involved in several KA1 & KA2 European Projects. SHA can offer expertise and know-how in IT and how to manage educational programs.

Expertise sought

We seek for partners in order to expand the coding classes in other countries, in order to cover the relevant market needs. We seek for partners that have experience in running bilateral cooperations between the organizations.